Dans le cadre de l’étude d’un chapitre sur le monde du travail et le travail à l’étranger ( Working Abroad), les élèves de 2A, 2B et 2D de Mme SUTER ont réalisé l’interview, puis le CV de Mlle Scarlett Kaye, notre assistante britannique.

Voici l’interview :

What’s your name ?

My name is Scarlett Kaye.

How old are you?

I’m 20.

What is your date of birth?

I was born on the 23rd of August 1999.

Where do you come from?

I come from the North of England, Huddersfield, Yorkshire.

Describe your personality.

I’m confident, friendly and funny.

Where do you live now in France?

I live in Reims, at Lycée Clémenceau.

Do you like French food?

I’m vegetarian, so not really.

Do you have any hobbies?

I can play the piano and the cello.

What languages do you speak? What’s your level?

I can speak English fluently, it’s my mother tongue. I can speak intermediate French.

When did you arrive in France? And how?

My parents drove me to Reims about two weeks ago (October).

When are you leaving?

I’m going back to England in seven months, at the end of April.

What was your goal when coming here? Why are working abroad?

I have to do my third year of university abroad. It’s compulsory. I came to improve my French language. So, I’m working as a language assistant in two secondary schools: two days in Lycée Arago and one day in a Collège in Fismes.

Do you have any skills?

I’m good at working in a team and I’m hard-working.

I am a lifeguard during the summer.

What is your level at school?

I’m in third year of University at Royal Holloway (London). I study French and music.

What diplomas did you get? When and where?

I got my GCSE in 2015 and my A-levels in 2017 with 2 A’s and a B.

What are your first impressions in France?

Good, but I didn’t choose the region. But I like Reims more than I thought.